Friday , 29 September 2023
Elegant or romantic in an attractive top-sleeved shirt

Elegant or romantic in an attractive top-sleeved shirt

They are filigree, scary feminine and can look very seductive. Top shirts give every woman a festive aura, but also make a great impression in everyday life and in the spare time. Tasteful designs with many different patterns from filigree to elaborate allow a huge selection.

Tight-fitting models are very exciting and can be great to wear in the club or on festive occasions. Variants with a wider cut are more subtle, even playful and girlish in light shades, which makes them extremely versatile in everyday life. While some shirts are made entirely of lace fabric with an underbody, on others the lace trims are subtly on the hem or neckline.

Playful and feminine top shirts make your outfit appear. Nevertheless, they can also be combined extremely casual. Lace crop tops are e.g. great combination partner for high waist jeans. Casual and modern look sneakers. But even with platform shoes you are absolutely in fashion. For a romantic outfit, a white bell skirt, a pair of glossy patent ballerinas and a lace top in a soft pastel tone are perfect. For a romantic afternoon in summer you are so well dressed. In the job, shirts with sewn-in lots of very delicate lace look noble and reputable. Blazer, trousers and pumps fit for a sovereign and feminine appearance.

Classic black models, on the other hand, allow particularly elegant and seductive looks. In combination with a pencil skirt or a cloth pants and high heels you have a sophisticated appearance. For an elegant dinner, this look fits perfectly. Whichever variant you choose? If you’re looking for a feminine look, a lace shirt is just the right garment for you.