Saturday , 30 September 2023
Brocade Fashion

Brocade Fashion

Fashion made of brocade

His stale, stuffy image Brokat could long ago drop. Today, the ornate pattern not only adorns shoes, but also garments of all kinds. Properly styled, the brocade fashion can also be worn in everyday life, with stylistic breaks are expressly permitted.

A classic is becoming a trend: fashion made of brocade

Brocade is a heavy weave of gold or silver thread, originally reserved mainly for ecclesiastical and aristocratic dignitaries in the form of ceremonial costumes and shoes. Therefore, the pattern stuck with a somewhat stuffy image for a long time. Today, however, the material is no longer worn only on special occasions, but also integrated into everyday outfits. Bloggers, celebrities and streetstyle stars show it: Brocade fashion can not only be combined with simple blouses and elegant chinos, but also with fancy destroyed jeans and cool shirts.

So wear brocade fashion in everyday life

Whether shoes, handbags, coats or dresses – brocade gives every outfit a very special, somewhat fairytale touch and fits particularly well into the autumn or winter time. In the form of figure-hugging cocktail dresses or mini skirts brocade is particularly well suited for festive occasions, such as the New Year's Eve party. Additional accessories or eye-catching jewelry are not absolutely necessary, as the pattern itself already acts as a real eye-catcher. Selected pieces of brocade fashion, such as shoes or coats, fit perfectly into everyday life, especially when combined with an otherwise rather simple outfit. Visually, the trend parts set a highlight, insofar as the rest of the look is discreet, clear and relaxed.