Monday , 18 September 2023
Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

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A particularly fine garment for men is at solemn events cuff shirt, Also in business life we ​​are accompanied by the classic shirts, which can be personalized with the tasteful buttons and decorated again and again.

Dress shirts are called shirts, which have a so-called envelope cuff on the sleeve hem. This is fastened by means of buttons on the arm. This gives you the opportunity to beautify your outfit with a special accent and bring your own individuality in your suit look with. Classically, cufflinks are made of precious metals and inspire with timeless designs. Meanwhile, there are also more and more models, which consist of other materials and inspire with fresh trend colors. With the hipster trend, they have arrived in casual wear, so you can put your shirt perfectly with plastic buttons in neon colors, or emphasize your casual chic outfit with simple buttons made of textile.

The right sleeve shirt – from casual to noble

For professional life and festive occasions classic shirts in regular fit with cufflinks are ideal. They are figure-hugging without clinging to the body and can be combined with almost any suit. Here are colors like dark blue, white or gray. In your free time, it may of course be a little more relaxed. You have the choice between numerous fits, colors and patterns. A plaid cuff shirt For example, it is ideal for the trendy look of a nature boy, while models in pastel colors go well with fresh summer outfits.

Incidentally, in the hot season it is advisable to grab silk shirts. The natural material feels cool on the skin and is breathable. Even denim shirts are now available with cover cuffs. They are ideal for the trendy allover denim style. They look good on chinos and monocolour sneakers.