Thursday , 31 August 2023
Modern down jackets for women

Modern down jackets for women

down Jackets Especially in the autumn / winter season are welcome companions in women’s fashion – and especially in mountain sports or in the outdoor sector. However, beautiful winter jackets with the insulating down feather filling have already made an indispensable name in everyday women’s fashion. Brands such as Bogner Fire + Ice, Jan Mayen, Basler or Napapijri offer the hottest models for the cold season. But also the TOMMY HILFIGER down Jackets are perfect for cold winter days provide effective protection against snow or wind and guarantee a unique comfort that is undoubtedly second to none. For a fashionable eye-catcher, a beautiful Down jacket with fur to care.

Down jackets – protection, comfort and, of course, class

The cutting-edge elegant Ladies down jackets combine aesthetics and functionality alike. Whether feminine-waisted cut or loosely casual fit, whether hooded or stand-up collar – the various models convince in addition to their heat function with feminine shapes and designs. For this reason, they have the potential to become the must-haves of the season.  From ladies parkas to elaborate functional jackets, everything is included, even with the additional, heat-insulating down chambers. For example, a practical down parka can convince ladies with robust workmanship as well as efficient warmth function. Thanks to the down chambers, the women’s jacket withstands winter temperatures perfectly.

Filling material for down jackets – women have the choice

Both Ladies down jackets basically you have the choice between different fillings. Here you can use both state-of-the-art plastic fibers and the well-tried duck or goose down. With short distances in the city can already lightweight down jackets ladies provide sufficient protection against wind and weather. With regard to the protective function against wind and cold, there are no significant differences between the materials. The protection intensity depends essentially on the capacity of the individual isolation chambers. Down offers the best insulation in terms of flexibility, durability and the relationship between weight and warmth. An indicator for this is the so-called filling force, which is measured in cubic inches per ounce of down:

  • 450 cubic inches is considered satisfactory and occurs in thinner jackets
  • 650 as well
  • 850 as outstanding.