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Men’s Winter Pants

Men’s Winter Pants

From classy business trousers, worn to jackets in the office, to casual pants and 5-pocket trousers, to corduroys and chinos, here’s one large selection of modern men’s pants, Whether with or without creases, whether cotton, new wool or linen – pants are available in different colors and cuts.

Men’s pants in every color, every style

Men’s pants can have many forms. They vary not only in the cut and the color, but especially in the tissue. The men’s jeans, for example, is known one of the best selling men’s trousers in the world, However, the choice of materials includes many types of fabrics. Other processing options for Schur- and cotton would be for example: corduroy, moleskin, flannel or tweed. The classics among the elegant men’s trousers and Fred Astaire’s signature are the flannel trousers. In combination with a contrasting sports jacket, it now has a cult character. Another type of men’s trousers is the corduroy pants. In rust-red, moss-green and muted pink she became a fixed part of men’s fashion in the 70s. In particularly finely ribbed Cord she became as flares to the symbol of a decade – today the Cordhose experienced a revival in the straight cut. A cool ethnic look can be achieved, for example, with a beige straight-leg corduroy pants and a patterned cardigan, while a black slim-fit corduroy pants look great with a jacket and a shirt. The cut of the men’s pants depends to a large extent on the current trend in men’s fashion. In the 70s, fashionable men’s pants were characterized by a blow on the leg. In the 80s it was the Tube pants, which gave the fashionable tone, In the 90s had the wide-fitting baggy pants their high phase. Meanwhile, the different pants coexist side by side. Today’s choice of men’s pants depends on their own style and personal preference.

Modern pants in 5-pocket style

5-pocket trousers are real classics in men’s fashion. They have five pockets. Two of them are on the back. In addition, there are two pockets on the front. One of them is equipped with a sewn-in coin pocket, the fifth pocket. Because of these many pockets are 5-pocket pants very practical, In addition, they look stylish and Want to be worn in your free time, Especially jeans are often presented in a 5-pocket style. For example, they can be well combined with sneakers, T-shirt and hooded jacket.

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Stylish business pants for everyday working life

Elegant business pants in muted colors like gray, black or beige are the perfect companion for a serious office look, The higher your rank at work, the darker the pants may be. Cloth pants with creases are particularly popular. There are also trousers that are additionally equipped with pleats. These offer a little bit more freedom of movement and a higher level of comfort, Business pants can be made of warm woven fabrics or light cotton, so there is the right model for every season. You will be combined with a shirt, tie, jacket and black or brown leather shoes.

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Cargo pants – functional pants with a casual design

They are practical, casual and trendy: Cargo pants are functional pants that have a wide fit and two side pockets on the outside of the thighs. That’s why you like for hiking, camping or for other adventures in nature carried. But of course you can also integrate cargo pants into a trendy city look. Cargo pants are available in different colors and can also be bought as shorts. So you are perfect as a Summer pants for men, As a rule, the practical trousers are made of cotton. But there are also more and more models that are made of synthetic fibers and therefore do not wrinkle so fast.

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Casual chinos for a relaxed casual look

Chinos are cut a bit wider at the hips, making them look casual and comfortable at the same time. At the bottom they get a little narrower. Due to their casual fit, they are ideal for relaxed leisure looks, You can not go wrong with a chino at the barbecue party, during a city stroll or on a family outing. In pastel colors, the cotton pants are wonderful for a fresh spring or summer look. Chinos in classic colors like blue or beige are also a good choice in winter or autumn.

Here is an overview of our chinos.

Comfortable jogpants for sporty looks

you are extremely comfortable, super-cute and trendyMen’s Jogpants have a loose fit and an elastic waistband for a perfect fit. Besides, they consist of breathable materialssuch as cotton or synthetic fibers. They are therefore ideal for sports activities. In the gym, running or team sport they are perfectly equipped with these pants. Meanwhile, the stylish models but also well worn in the leisure and combined with sneakers and hoodies become. Jogpants are available in plain colors as well as trendy prints. Discover models with camouflage patterns or cool tropical prints.

Here you will find an overview of our jogpants.

Sweatpants – cool, casual and super comfortable

Long sweat pants were allowed to be worn only for sports. That has now changed. The comfortable models from the super soft sweat fabric are increasingly sighted in the city. Fashionable men combine it with leather jackets, cool boots and casual sweaters, But even for the home couch, the sweat pants is the ideal companion. The pants are in plain plain colors or with refined details to disposal. Decorative seams, patch pockets and zippers give the trend-setting models the finishing touch.