Wednesday , 6 September 2023
Men Knee Socks

Men Knee Socks

Whether business or leisure: Discover a wide selection of fashionable men’s stockings. High quality materials and the perfect fit of the stockings guarantee a comfortable fit. Socks in bright trendy colors, in striped or classic checked pattern give every outfit that certain something.

Men’s stockings from discreet to striking

Men’s socks and Men’s stockings are just as essential as all other men’s accessories. Unfortunately, stockings are too often neglected in menswear. They can be real eye-catchers – or, if used correctly, avoid unwanted attention. Classic of the Men’s stockings are black or anthracite colored men’s socks, They are sporty or elegant depending on the fineness of the wool or size of the ribs. Stockings and socks are available in different colors. Depending on the worn business shirts, jacket and combined men’s trousers Men’s socks be kept in all muted colors in business fashion – from navy blue to bordeaux red. Stronger, more eye-catching colors, on the other hand, are experiencing a revival in current leisure wear. With classic diamond pattern or fine lines in color accents are men’s socks and men’s socks also wearable to suit. The material of the men’s stockings depends on the season, the personal preference and finally the combination in the ensemble.

The choice of materials for stockings and socks goes from wool to cotton to silk – as well as various blends and synthetic additives that can give the men’s stockings elasticity and comfort. Understandably, thick wool qualities are especially suitable for winter, while thin men’s socks are designed for the summer.