Monday , 25 September 2023
Beautiful Little black dresses

Beautiful Little black dresses

Little black

If you ask about the classics of the fashion industry, a piece of clothing is certainly one of the most frequently mentioned answers: the little black dress. The dress has become an absolute must-have and adapts to any era, without losing its original appeal.

Timeless favorite with cult status: the little black dress

Already in the 1920s, the dress started its triumphant advance through the fashion industry. At that time it was Coco Chanel who posed in a copy of Vogue in The Little Black. But at the latest Audrey Hepburn helped the it-piece to cult status, as she could be seen in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in her unforgettable outfit. To this day, the little black woman stands for elegance, style and femininity. Only two criteria should be met: The dress must be black and – as a rule – be maximum knee length. From delicate mesh to soft silk, from a simple shift dress to an exciting cocktail dress, there is freedom of interpretation!

Simple and charming or rather playful seductive?

If you like it elegant, choose a figure-hugging dress made of a slightly firmer material. Very feminine acts, for example, a further submarine neckline. Sleeves in three-quarter length underline a modern charm. Perfect: Spice up the dress with your favorite jewelery and style it over and over again! If you like it more extravagant, you can create exciting effects with the small black with transparencies. A back or shoulder area made of delicate lace will flash through your seductive side. Our tip: Pumps or high heels are actually a must for little blacks. If you like it a bit more casual, you are welcome to take on ballerinas!