Sunday , 10 September 2023
Slim Fit Shirts

Slim Fit Shirts

The modern man of today wears his shirts as possible form-fitting. For that are Super-slim-fit shirts perfect. They are fitted with a slim, slightly tailored fit, creating a slim, youthful silhouette. Combined with a fashionable slim-fit suit, it creates a harmonious outfit for the office or for special occasions.

A slim silhouette to the classic suit

The right model for every man: Super-slim-fit shirts are available in a diverse selection. For example, you can opt for a very classic model in bright white or a warm beige tone. These shirts are suitable for every suit and can also be wonderfully arranged with patterned ties. Stronger colors such as bordeaux red or a deep dark blue are ideal for special occasions. They also have the advantage that they make the upper body appear even slimmer and forgive even small flab, as long as the shirt does not tension on the stomach.

Also very popular with super-slim-fit shirts: summery prints

For true trendsetters, the shirts are of course also available with trendy patterns. In addition to plaids and stripes are currently delicate floral patterns in line with the trend. A flowered model goes well with a chic suit or a men’s suit in a chic shade of brown. Summery flair comes with a cool tropical print. These super-slim-fit shirts can be worn well in your spare time and can be combined, for example, with slim black jeans.