Saturday , 30 September 2023
Ruffle Fashion

Ruffle Fashion

Ladies who love playful and romantic looks can look forward to the new ruffle fashion. Decorative flounces and fine ruffles are in vogue again, adorning blouses, dresses, T-shirts and even pullovers. They bring variety to your looks and are suitable for numerous occasions.

Noble or relaxed? This is how fashion works with ruffles

Elegant women’s blouses now present themselves with lots of playful ruffles. They are not only found on the hem or in the neckline but are also placed on the front. With a blazer and a pair of cloth pants you can even wear these trend tops in the office. Jeans and leather jacket, however, give the ruffled fashion a casual look. It’s even more relaxed with cuddly pullovers with ruffled rows on the front. Boyfriend jeans and sneakers complete the outfit.

Create fashionable highlights with ruffles

Even jackets and cardigans are decorated with decorative ruffles. So that the look is not overloaded, it is best to decide only for a ruffled part. So combine the ruffled cardigan with a stylish top and a skinny jeans. A great eye-catcher are the ruffle fashion socks. When they flash out of the shoes, they give the everyday look a girlish touch. These fit ballerinas with straps on the shackles and androgynous loafers. The set a successful contrast to the playful socks.