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Knee-length skirts: ideal for office and leisure

Knee-length skirts: ideal for office and leisure

Knee-length skirts

They belong to the absolute classics in the ladies’ fashion: Due to their varied designs and combination possibilities, they offer themselves knee-length skirts for a variety of occasions. They are feminine, casual or elegant. So certainly the right model for you is there.

A stylish companion for the whole year

Knee-length skirts offer for every season. In summer, for example, you can choose from light models in bright pastel colors or Evergreen, the knee-length skirt in white. Pleated skirts or variants of soft silk are ideal for the hot season. But also the bell skirt, cut knee-length and thus particularly beautiful airy, is a good choice. These are suitable for light blouses or simple basictops. A pair of comfortable wedge sandals emphasizes the feminine look. A real eye-catcher are also high waist skirts, which are often combined with cropped tops. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, warm skirts made of knitwear or thick fabric are ideal. They harmonize perfectly with cuddly cardigans or wool blazers. They also look good on the elegant winter coat.

Especially in the professional environment skirts that end at knee height, a good choice. Especially the knee-length black skirt is one of the classics in the job. But even the beige model is impressive. The outfit is complete with blazer, tights and pumps. On solemn occasions are offered knee-length skirts made of noble, slightly falling materials, such as chiffon. A chic top with cowl neckline and a pair of high heels complete the look tastefully. A particularly chic impression also leaves the knee-length skirt in A-line cut cashmere and new wool. If this is also provided with stitching, it is just the thing for events in the upscale ambience.

The short skirts can also be styled casually. The best proof is trendy models in trendy denim. It fits white sneakers and colorful printshirts. If you like it even more relaxed, you can grab knee-length skirts made of sweat fabric and combine them with jersey shirts and chucks. Real retro flair comes up with models with cute polka dots. If you prefer romantic, just grab a delicate floral pattern. A crochet top and pink shoes are the ideal combination partner.