Friday , 29 September 2023


The evening dress in red attracts attention

The door opens, a woman in an evening dress in red enters the room – and it rules for a moment long Silence: With the evening dress in red is a radiant appearance very easy. The signal color red stands for passion, in it you automatically notice. And leaves a lasting impression. Red stands for brunettes, black-haired and blondes alike. Also, the complexion has only a minor role. Whether tanned or rather pale – the skin color makes no difference when wearing the color red. The evening dress in red there are different models. The cocktail dress is suitable for parties and receptions. It plays around the figure and is usually knee-length. If the dress code on the invitation does not require a long ball gown, this short evening dress in red is the ideal garment. Even long evening dresses are available in numerous versions: between long train, slit for a look at the leg, low back neckline and many other variants, the wearer can choose.

Strapless or with halterneck straps

Likewise, various cuts are available for different figures: An evening dress in red in Empire style, for example, stitched under the chest and then falls down nicely flowing. The princess-cut can be recognized by the fact that it is shown very wide below, sometimes supported by a hoop skirt. An hourglass shape is the hallmark of the mermaid cut, which is particularly good for curvy women. Dainty women choose the narrow cut in an evening dress in red to visually stretch their figure. Combined with chic accessories, the evening dress in red is suitable for many occasions. Strapless or with halter straps, an evening dress in red in a classic cut gets a refined look. The color is important in the selection of the matching accessories: elements that are also in a red tone or in elegant silver match an evening dress in red. Rich red is already very noticeable in itself and should be combined as a dress color with shoes and bag in muted tones. In cooler temperatures, the dress makes a bolero jacket or a long cloth good. Black accessories stand in a nice contrast to the rich color of the dress and give the evening dress in red a serious touch. High-heels or pumps support short models such as the shift dress in their appearance. These high shoes stretch the figure and make for beautiful long legs.