Friday , 29 September 2023
Blouse with stand-up collar

Blouse with stand-up collar

An elegant variant of the classic women’s blouse is the Blouse with stand-up collar, In this rather formal garment, a small, non-folding collar dominates the look. This is usually open to the front and close only on a few models completely. The button placket of the blouse starts usually a little below the collar. These models go back to the so-called patricidal shirts of the 19th century and the collar style of the former uniforms.

Whether serious or solemn – the blouse with stand-up collar

Variants with a stand-up collar were also in fashion for ladies for the first time in the 1970s. Their exciting charisma between strict and feminine allows them to be combined in a variety of ways. Especially as part of the business outfits to the costume or trouser suit is the Blouse with stand-up collar happy to wear. A more festive look has models of shiny fabrics, such as silk or satin, with a closed stand-up collar. The blouse with open stand-up collar and made of cotton is a bit more casual and looks great with jeans. She gets a feminine touch with ruffles or other playful details on the blouse front.

Because they are available in different sleeve lengths are Blouses with stand-up collar wearable in all seasons. The short-sleeved variants are ideal for hot summer days in the office, for example, as they also look more formal in the airy skirt than models with a lapel collar.