Friday , 29 September 2023
Stylish pleated pleated dresses – then as now

Stylish pleated pleated dresses – then as now

These fine garments have a very feminine and elegant look. The delicate wrinkles and the mostly very thin fabrics make them the ideal companions for ceremonial occasions. Also as summer dresses they are perfect.

Plissee is a French term whose origin goes far back in time and whose meaning is “narrow, pressed wrinkles”. Already hundreds of years ago, the women wore the clothes with the artificially created wrinkles, which are sometimes coarser and sometimes finer. To this day, this form of fabric decoration is very popular. She stands for feminine elegance and is especially enthusiastic about dresses. The designers take up the traditional pleats again and again and bring them in line with current fashion trends. The result is a contemporary one Pleated in attractive trend colors, such as navy blue, rose or pink, which are perfect for solemn occasions.

Elaborately designed clothes with pleated pleats

In addition to the typical vertical folds, there are also many asymmetrical sloping folds. This creates great effects. Through the wrinkles that works Pleated dress very vivid and becomes a successful eye-catcher. Additional embellishments, for example by sparkling rhinestones or chic lace goods, underline the noble character of the pleated pleated dresses skillfully. You can buy floor-length models as well as chic mini dresses and classic midi styles.