Saturday , 23 September 2023
Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion

Embark on a journey through time in the last decades and discover dreamlike Vintage fashion for ladies and gentlemen. Inspired by past trends, designers bring back to the market old looks that they reinterpret. The cool retro styles are not only for theme parties in question, but are also worn in everyday life like.

Ladies are in fashion with this vintage fashion

For women, the retro trend offers a wide variety of different looks. The elegant glitter dresses from the 20s are feminine, seductive and yet wild. Sequins and flounces give these models a glamorous yet playful look. A little dignified and classic are blouses with Bubi collar. They can be wonderfully combined with trendy vintage jeans with an extra-high waistband. Of course you can do the cool Vintage fashion complete with matching accessories. For example, divine cat-eye sunglasses, stylish floppy hats or stylish feather headdresses are available.

These key pieces are part of the retro look for men

Fashion-conscious men are also keen to style more stylish Vintage fashion, This is evident, for example, in the current suits. They are often combined with retro vests or show off with a double-breasted jacket. The frock coat is again very popular. In the free time it may be a bit more casual. Chinos with suspenders are perfect for a casual vintage look. You can wear a stylish hat, for example a trilby. A brown leather bag for hanging completes the outfit skilfully. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a cool rockabilly style, you can grab a pair of denim jeans, a wide belt, and a striped T-shirt.