Friday , 29 September 2023


Stylish pleated pleated dresses – then as now

Honeycomb pleat skirt

These fine garments have a very feminine and elegant look. The delicate wrinkles and the mostly very thin fabrics make them the ideal companions for ceremonial occasions. Also as summer dresses they are perfect. Plissee is a French term whose origin goes far back in time and whose meaning is “narrow, pressed wrinkles”. Already hundreds of years ago, the women …

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Naketano women’s clothing – casual with finesse


Women’s Fashion from Naketano A piece of street fashion, a piece of environmental awareness and animal friendliness and above all a lot of authenticity – Naketano combines all this. The exclusive fashion brand thrills with a modern, casual style, excellent quality and functional women’s fashion, which is suitable for both the city and for outdoor adventures of all kinds. Hoodies, …

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Vintage Fashion

Spotlight on Spots | Vintage Fashion Inspiration | Velvet DeCollete

Embark on a journey through time in the last decades and discover dreamlike Vintage fashion for ladies and gentlemen. Inspired by past trends, designers bring back to the market old looks that they reinterpret. The cool retro styles are not only for theme parties in question, but are also worn in everyday life like. Ladies are in fashion with this …

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Cashmere Men’s Fashion – Complete your outfit with great cashmere extras

Cashmere Men’s Fashion cashmere scarves, men style guide, men fashion accessories, men winter wear QMMZDYH

It is just right for the sophisticated taste: the men’s fashion cashmere. Because the high-quality natural material is wonderfully soft, has breathable properties and looks very classy. Sweaters, cardigans and accessories made of this material are ideal for upscale leisure wear, but can also be worn for solemn events or in business. Men’s fashion: Cashmere pieces in great variety Cashmere …

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NAKETANO MEN’S CLOTHING 2018 exclusive discount offer sweater - 8d5cldgm9b - mottled light gray - naketano LUWLDBJ

Men’s fashion from Naketano The brand’s hip street styles have taken men’s fashion by storm. Within a short time, the Essen-based company Naketano has become the absolute cult label that thrills with urban, casual and vegan fashion. Naketano men’s fashion: fashionable, functional and considerate The recipe for success of the fashion brand consists of a great deal of functionality, paired …

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British country clothes

british country clothes a dapper gent in his shooting attire FPFBDID

To summarize the British style in a few words is almost impossible – so many different influences shape the look! From classic, elegant and confident to bold and courageous, you will discover British clothes for every taste. What characterizes British clothes Keyword Brit Chic: This is the epitome of English style. Traditional elements meet timeless cuts and modern influences – …

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Business Fashion

Business Fashion business fashion DMIJRTF

On the selection of the right outfit, you should put special emphasis on job life. Finally, you face customers and business associates in this wardrobe. With the right business fashion, your look should always have a representative look and show you from your most stylish side. Business fashion for men – elegant in a suit The often quoted phrase “clothes …

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Pastel-colored fashion: delicate colors for feminine ladies

Pastel colors fashion pastel color fashion trend QFAWBSP

Delicate rosé, soft apricot or fresh lemon yellow – these colors are just conquering the fashion world and delight both women and men alike. pastel colors look gentle and colorful at the same time. They are ideal for spring-like outfits, but can also be wonderfully integrated into urban looks or in the festive evening wear. Pastel-colored dresses made of delicately …

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Sunglasses for men: different designs for more comfort and style

YOOSKE Brand Metal Sunglasses Men Polarized Driving black male Sun

Sunglasses for men For serene holidays or in everyday life, they are a chic accessory that also protects the eyes well: the sunglasses. Whether round or square frames, eye-catching or natural colors – the selection is large, so you can find the right men’s model for your style. Skillfully enhance business look or retro outfit Whatever the season, stylish sunglasses …

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Clothing Tommy Hilfiger fall winter 2014 2015 womenswear

This US label has achieved cult status with its fashionable symbiosis of urban streetwear and college style. And the Tommy Hilfiger coats fit harmoniously into the popular look of the label. They show themselves uncomplicated and with fresh designs. Lightweight Tommy Hilfiger coats for the transitional period For cool days in spring and autumn, Tommy Hilfiger offers a classic women’s …

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Camp David Fashion – Masculine and sporty with casual outfits by Camp David

For gentlemen who prefer an authentic lifestyle and exclusive menswear Camp David Fashion for everyday life. It radiates the positive attitude to life and the passion that you also live in your everyday life. Camp David creates collections, both for the leisure time as well as for the office, so that you do not have to give up the comfortable …

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Prom Fashion for the most important days

Prom Fashion 654984dress original YTEAWRX

The prom is one of the most important days in a young person’s life. It goes without saying that the outfit should be as impressive as possible. Here you will find a large selection of the current demographic fashion. Choose between gorgeous long evening robes, cheeky cocktail dresses and chic suits. With this prom dress fashion girls are an eye-catcher …

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Treggings: lightweight trousers with a variety of styling options

Treggings sku: trial zip tregging:black:20 UADZTBW

A treggings is a blend of pants and leggings, both in style and in word meaning. The term is composed of the English word “trouser” and the ending of leggings. The modern pants are pleasantly light on the skin and have a high content of elastane. The flexible fabric ensures that the treggings optimally adapt the figure and thus emphasize …

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Cheap women’s fashion for every season

Women's Fashion Clothing,Cheap Dress,Discount Clothes

For example, here you will find inexpensive summer fashion for women, such as airy flower dresses and casual jeans shorts. You can also get sandals and stylish accessories in the form of sunglasses, hats and co. Especially at the end of the summer season, there are numerous offers available, so it can sometimes make sense to buy one year in …

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Womens Fashion – Exclusive designer fashion for women

Womens Fashion awesome sweaters, light grey sweater, fall fashion, womens fashion, shop  jessakae. CBLTTAX

excluding Designer fashion for women not only excels with outstanding premium quality, but also stands out for particularly progressive and creative looks. Designer fashion for women in classic shapes and colors Thanks to the great variety of different designers, there is the right one Designer fashion for all ladies. Simple, classic and always elegant, for example, are the collections by …

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Elegant Calvin Klein Fashion for Women

Calvin Klein Fashion for Women 2016 fall fashion woman calvin klein collection FDAPUWZ

Straightforward, minimalist and elegant: this is how the design of the fashion and accessories of Calvin Klein, In particular, the underwear of the label has achieved cult status. After studying design, Calvin Richard Klein founded his fashion business in New York in 1968, initially producing clothes and coats. The tight-fitting jeans with branded logo on the back pocket, which the …

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High waist jeans with crop top outfit ideas

high waist jeans with crop top torch in the night black high-waisted skinny jeans FZJHUHM

Check the silhouette when wearing tight t-shirts. Some models can look good with jeans, high but you have to be careful. If the top is too tight, trousers on his pants and belt lyckorna create nasty folds of fabric. As a general rule, are stylish t-shirts good for leaning against the skin without forcing it as a hair. Corset is …

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Fashion with floral pattern refreshes your wardrobe in a magical way

Fashion with floral pattern traffic people REWZWFT

Let flowers speak. The attractive offer includes a variety of clothing items that draw attention to themselves with expressive floral variations. Floral decorations add a fresh, cheerful touch to living rooms, bathrooms or your office in no time. When it comes to fashion, you bring fresh air into the gray of everyday life with floral prints. The appealing range presents …

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Tips How to Buy autumn clothes for work

autumn clothes for work plus size women dresses suit autumn formal office business dress clothes  woman work tunics pencil EWIAYJR

Do you have an appointment for a Saturday shopping with your best friend? If you are looking for new autumn clothing ? We want to quickly give you some inspiring tips on how to find clothing that fits perfectly to your shape. All are unique and there are tricks that you can use to hide your flaws and enhance your benefits.  Long slender legs? Top! You have been blessed with long, …

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Fashion for Young – casual combined with street wear

Fashion for Young 2012 fashion for young men WMNIVTO

Young fashion The good first impression is the driving force behind this fashionable flow. Young fashion wants to serve the expression of one’s own personality, to reflect the character authentically and at the same time confidently outwardly. Variety and a certain coolness are the nuts and bolts of Young Fashion. Asymmetric cuts, patterns, bright colors and a high-contrast mix of …

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