Sunday , 24 September 2023
Naketano women’s clothing – casual with finesse

Naketano women’s clothing – casual with finesse

Women’s Fashion from Naketano

A piece of street fashion, a piece of environmental awareness and animal friendliness and above all a lot of authenticity – Naketano combines all this. The exclusive fashion brand thrills with a modern, casual style, excellent quality and functional women’s fashion, which is suitable for both the city and for outdoor adventures of all kinds.

Hoodies, parkas or casual shirts, this trend label is relaxed. The typically sporty style of the brand is so innovative because of the emphasis on details. Extra wide ribbons reminiscent of sailing ropes, faux leather patches and playful patterns make every model of the Naketano women’s fashion the absolute eye-catcher. Popular motifs are for example anchors or birds. Inspirations draw the label from nature, the maritime fashion, but also from the streets, so that creates a successful progressive style.

Simple and eye-catching looks with backbone

In the foreground of the women’s fashion collections are the casual women’s hoodies, which are sometimes available with zipper and sometimes as a simple sweater. These stylish models of Naketano You can wear it with jeans, combine it with sporty sneakers or give it a bit of a rough character with lace-up boots. For particularly outlandish looks, there are also models that cause a stir with sleeves in leather look. But always keep in mind that Naketano does not use any materials of animal origin. On real leather, down or silk is completely dispensed with, so even animal lovers and vegans will find this label.

Another important cornerstone in Naketano women’s fashion is its functional jackets. Casual parkas, short jackets and warm coats are waiting to be discovered by you. The label offers jackets in the cool biker style, but also very classic quilted jackets, which you can wear well to simple looks well. Special details, such as extra-wide collars, eye-catching faux fur trim or striking decorative ribbons make the Naketano jackets cool key pieces that visually enhance every discreet outfit.