Sunday , 10 September 2023
Long Leather Jackets

Long Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been a symbol of rebellion, individualism and freedom for decades. The mostly dark jacket made of sturdy leather we associate today with the young Hollywood actors of the early 1950s, with motorcycle gang and rock musicians. They all tried to provoke by wearing the casual modern leather jackets and to express their rough, indomitable streak. Over the years, leather jackets have become an indispensable item of clothing – in men's and women's fashion.

Today as then cult: biker jacket and pilot jacket

The history of the biker jacket, as we know it today, dates back to the year 1928. The American company Schott N.Y.C. developed for the motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson leather jackets, which are adapted to the needs of motorcyclists. Even today, the model named "Perfecto" enjoys cult status. Short cut, big turn-down collar and durable black leather – this combination made the Perfecto comfortable, practical and gave the wearers an unparalleled cool look.

Another classic and just as popular model among fine leather jackets is the pilot jacket with the name "A-2". Their characteristics: brown leather, lambskin collar, two large patch pockets and knit cuffs on sleeves and hem. This version was in fashion from the end of the Second World War. From the 50s, the wearing of beautiful leather jackets became more and more popular with teenagers. Biker and aviator jackets became the trademark of various subcultures – for rockers, motorcyclists and punks, for example.

Leather jackets: protection and coolness

Especially in autumn, the leather jacket is a faithful companion, as it protects perfectly from moisture and cold through its sturdy material. No matter what color and which cut – leather jackets give any outfit that certain something of inflexibility and coolness.

Our conclusion: leather jackets will probably never go out of fashion. Every man and woman should own at least one and pay particular attention to it – after all, they are usually worn for a lifetime. To ensure this, however, care should also be taken to the proper care of the leather. Impregnating protects the leather from penetrating moisture and dirt. Leather jackets should be carefully sprayed before wearing them for the first time. Although leather is wind and weatherproof, it should not be worn as a pure rain cover despite impregnation. If it gets wet, it should ideally be allowed to dry in an airy place – never on or too close to a heater as hot air makes the leather hard and brittle. In addition, leather must be protected from too much sunlight, otherwise it bleaches additionally. Such damages are unfortunately irreparable. Incidentally, the impregnation of leather jackets should be refreshed on a regular basis.