Wednesday , 23 August 2023
Blouses Shirts – An absolute highlight in the wardrobe

Blouses Shirts – An absolute highlight in the wardrobe

Casual, yet feminine blouse shirts invite you to enjoy summery, wonderfully warm days outdoors. Because of their diverse cuts and designs, they are popular with women of all ages.

Blouse shirts are suitable for hot summer days as well as for mild temperatures in spring or late summer. On particularly hot, sunny days, grab the most airy models made of a delicate material such as chiffon. On the other hand, materials such as viscose or polyester are ideally suited for the pleasantly mild transitional period. However, all blouse shirts have one thing in common: they are flowing and lightly cut, so that even in a sporty design they have an elegant, emphatically feminine touch.

How to make individual looks with the blouse shirt

These airy, elegant shirts can be flexibly combined and worn on any occasion. For the necessary variety different cuts, fabrics and colors are available. For romantic dinners, a light blouse shirt with satin front, which can be combined at will with a classic pencil skirt or a fine chino. Delicate jewelry in silver or rose gold completes the outfit ideal. It gets a little sportier with casually cut, sleeveless blouse shirts – also with stripes, in bright colors, with an uncomplicated crew neck or a drawstring. Visual highlights are complemented by fancy details, such as a sling on the collar, which can be tied into a large, flowing loop.

Blusenshirts for the job: Wonderfully changeable

Wear a noble blazer over it, radiate sovereignty, stylistic confidence and competence. Seriousness and competence radiate to the business meeting, if you fall back on a long-sleeved blouse in the muted color. The business look is complete when you combine the blouse shirt with simple pumps, a trouser suit or costume and a color-coordinated briefcase. To be casual and feminine at the same time, however, brings with it even more advantages and possibilities: Put off the blazer in the evening and exchange the briefcase with an elegant clutch, you can wear one and the same blouse shirt even to the party. Swap the business chinos with casual skinny jeans for a casual, casual outfit to meet friends in no time.