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Elegant Pencil Dresses for the office and for ceremonial occasions

Elegant Pencil Dresses for the office and for ceremonial occasions

Nice sheath dresses

Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn made that tailored, knee-length Sheath in the 1960s to a timeless fashion classic. Alternatively, it is also referred to as a hose dress due to its shape.

The Sheath is considered a classic of the fashion world and is now one of the basics in the wardrobe – because thanks to its simple, elegant shape, you are always tastefully dressed. As a precursor applies the princess dress of the 19th century, which is characterized by a full-length waist and a body-contouring cut. In the 1930s and 1960s continued Sheath dresses ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Edith Piaf. The famous wearers helped the elegant dress to great popularity and made it a timeless fashion classic. Nowadays, the shift dress belongs to the sophisticated women’s wardrobe and is suitable as a business dress and evening dress as well as a cocktail dress.

Sleeveless, knee-length and tailored – with a feminine cut

The sheath dress is characterized by its feminine, body-conscious cut. So it flatters with its waisted shape feminine curves and puts them optimally in scene. Classically, the dress in the case style reaches to the knee. But there are also models whose hem ends above or below the knee. sheath dresses typically have a collarless neckline, which is often cut straight in the classic version. In addition, there is the shift dress with V-neck, round neck or sophisticated asymmetrical cuts. The fashion classic is worn sleeveless or with short sleeves. Designers and brands interpret these features individually and always give the classic a new touch with modern colors and patterns as well as different and surprising materials. Above all blacks are considered timeless sheath dressesthat remind of the “Little Black”.

Sheath dresses for the office and for ceremonial occasions

sheath dresses combine elegance and femininity. Thanks to their classic cut and unfussy design, these models are perfect for office work. Especially elegant is a shift dress in black. The combination of simple pumps exudes seriousness and self-confidence. In addition, this fashion classic dresses but also stylish festive occasions in the circle of friends or family. If you want to give the classic look an individual touch, combine the dress with ankle boots and eye-catching jewelry. The sheath dresses you can optimize with elegant blazers, boleros or casual leather jackets. This way, the look can be converted from office-ready to ready-made in an instant. For celebrations or going out, the clutch is a tasteful combination partner. Our tip for solemn occasions. A sheath dress in blue with pumps in metallic look as a highlight and you will attract everyone’s attention.