Tuesday , 12 September 2023


Tall or stately gentlemen are pleased with the currently wide range of elegant Shirts in size L, Look forward to excellent fits and cutting-edge trend designs that accompany you through your professional life. Also for your leisure looks you expect tasteful shirts,

The best fit for your new shirt in size L.

The international term for dress size for shirts is the “L”. Their equivalent is according to European size norm the 42 or in the United Kingdom size 16 1/2. Also shirts This information will therefore suit you well. For a particularly advantageous look men with shirt size L best with regular fit or comfort fit. A loosely-fitting shirt and a pleated trouser hide wonderfully. A straight-cut jacket with a narrow lapels completes this effect ideally.

The current shirts are also available in size L Of course available in many different styles. Models in white, champagne or gray look very serious and timeless. With delicate patterns you can provide variety. It gets really extravagant with slightly shimmering materials.