Wednesday , 30 August 2023


Down jackets are the best choice in any cold weather and the temperatures are still so deep. The reason is their insulation material. Down is light, extremely insulating against cold, highly elastic and not only cushions and comforters but also the named jackets. But why do these small, inconspicuous feathers keep us so warm? The key to success lies in its unique form. Due to a three-dimensional structure and the flat feather flags, the surface is increased many times over. As a result, significantly more air, which is known to be a good conductor of heat, is trapped. This benefits the lightness and the thermal insulation. Ideal features for down jackets, which are worn both in winter sports and outdoor activities, as well as in urban space.

To this day, the ghosts divorce whether down jackets with real or synthetic down are best. About the quality can be said with these two aspects alone nothing. While in the case of the natural filling material, it is the bird species and the way in which they are harvested that determine how high-quality they are, the only way of deciding on artificial down is the type of production. Both ways can make excellent down jackets.


As different as their field of application is, the ladies’ jackets and men’s jackets can be so different. Characteristic in any case are the chambers containing the synthetic or natural down. They are a necessity to keep the filler in place and retain its properties. If these chambers were not, the down would gather and clump together – something that can sometimes be observed with down pillows. These chambers can be recognizable in the form of a fine or large stitching from the outside. The lightweight feathers are not only used for down jackets by Jakes * s, Barbour and MCNEAL and also for:

  • Coats
  • down vests
  • Skihosen
  • Sportswear


A few classic representatives of the down jacket are the lightweight quilted jackets from brands like Barbour. True to the motto “heat almost without weight” they have established themselves as the ideal companion for the transitional period between autumn and winter. They are not only used in equestrian sports, where they find their origin, but also in casual wear where they are styled for a relaxed weekend look on polo shirt and V-neck sweater. They are even combined with a casual business look over the trouser suit, suit, suit or jacket. This is not only practical, but also breaks with the formal style, giving the entire ensemble a charming mix of styles. And that also makes the down jackets so popular. Other interesting models for the winter are our new Wellensteyn jackets.