Black turtleneck sweater

He is experiencing a real renaissance. The black turtleneck sweater is back in fashion and due to its classic and timeless color it can be integrated into numerous looks. You can wear it in your spare time or in the office and combine it again and again.

Feminine cuts accompany the ladies

For women, for example, figure-hugging forms are available. These models can be wonderfully combined with high waist trousers or skirts. They conjure up a slim upper body and skillfully put the waist in scene. If you wear a blazer and a silver chain over the turtleneck, the outfit will even be suitable for the office. On the other hand, black turtleneck sweaters with a wide fit and an oversized collar present themselves very cuddly and casual. These variants are just the thing for a relaxed city outfit. You can wear a boyfriend jeans and a pair of boots. Of course, black turtlenecks are also great for a trendy black and white look. They can be wonderfully combined with a black and white checked Marlene pants.

Men also often resort to the black turtleneck sweater

For men, there are elegant and casual designs, so there is the right model for every occasion. Fine cashmere tops can be combined, for example, with suit pants and a jacket. You wear classic, matching leather shoes. In contrast, casual turtlenecks in black can be worn quite relaxed with a pair of jeans and a trench coat. A pair of lace-up boots complete the outfit. Black turtlenecks are also made for a rocking look. A dark slim fit jeans and a daring biker jacket are the perfect combination partner here.