Fashion-conscious men appreciate the high quality as well as the pleasant fit of a Joop jacket. Modern and comfortable cuts, exquisite materials and an appealing look can convince. The trend parts will certainly inspire you.

The Joop jacket: fashionable, functional and easy to combine

The company attaches great importance to wearable fashion. This should be functional and fashionable at the same time. The jackets by Joop are usually provided with two buttons, so optically a simple elegance is radiated and functionally the Lord an easy opening and closing is possible. The good combinability also plays an important role. The Joop jacket Therefore, it must fit with numerous outfits. For example, the classic version can be well arranged with a chic shirt, a fine tie and a simple suit trousers. This outfit is great for work. In addition, the stylish gentleman can do that Joop jacket but also to T-shirt, jeans and casual sneakers wear, so that a trendy casual look results. With a sporty watch, the entire appearance looks fresh and skilful.

So special that a waiver is impossible

The jacket sits very well thanks to its special cut and lets the gentleman always look attractive and modern dressed. The high-quality branded suits from Joop are available in different sizes and colors. As a result, every gentleman has the opportunity to choose his personal favorite in terms of design, to dress his own style accordingly and bring variety in the closet. The durable and finely crafted Joop jackets emanate a tremendously elegant masculinity and are sure to be a worthwhile investment for any gentleman.