Monday , 11 September 2023
Blouses with embroidery for every style

Blouses with embroidery for every style

A classic top can with decorative embroidery to be given that certain something. The filigree decorations on the blouses create successful eye-catching and often bring a touch of flower power with them. But you can also be very elegant or inspired with romantic designs.

Bright models with delicate embroidery in colors like white, beige or pink are perfect for romantic, playful looks. These variants can be combined to a trendy skirt in crochet look and a pair of shiny Lackballerinas. If you prefer to show yourself in the hip hippie style, then just grab too wide cut blouses with embroidery in the form of colorful flowers. These are paired with patterned harem pants and suede moccasins. On the other hand, models with large embroidered ethno patterns can be perfectly integrated into folkloristic embossed outfits. These embroidery blouses usually have wide-cut arms and a bulbous shape. A maxi skirt and brown boots complete the look in style.

Perfectly dressed for the job

Also in professional life are embroidered blouses Welcome. Models with filigree embroidery patterns, for example in the form of rhombuses or small flowers, are ideal for combining with blazers and pencil skirts. Also a noble one blouse made of lace with one embroidery At the bottom hem is absolutely business suitable and belongs in the wardrobe of every business lady.