Red polo shirts-for the stylish man

Red polo shirts-for the stylish man

The trend parts give your outfit that certain something. The bright color of the red polo shirts upgrades even simple leisure looks skillfully and ensures a successful accent. It gives the classic shirt a cheeky character.

Polo shirts in red

For gentlemen, the trend pieces are mainly represented in casual wear. In combination with white or black pants, you can create effective color contrasts. If you want, you can pick up the bright red of the top again in your shoes and round off your outfit so harmoniously. More casual and in the sense of the urban style are reddish Polo Shirts in combination with stylish jeans, best with extravagant washes. In addition to many monochromatic models, you can too Polo Shirts grab with classic stripes. Combinations of red and blue or gray are especially popular.

Classic or sporty: color-intensive styles for the lady

The women also love the trend color red and like to wear it in the form of Polo Shirts, A casual and sporty look can be achieved in combination with a white tennis skirt and matching white sneakers. In contrast, waisted, dark red look quite classic Polo Shirts, These can be worn, for example, for chic black pleated trousers. Elegant pumps make the look perfect.