Monday , 4 September 2023
Men’s Sweat Jacket

Men’s Sweat Jacket

Sweatjackets for men

Sporty, casual, comfortable – Men’s sweat jackets are not only popular in sports. Especially in the leisure mode, they have established themselves. What’s more, they have determined the casual wear of the past few decades and established classic looks for men. They exemplify the transformation of men’s fashion from the formerly dominant business fashion with suits and jackets to the casual look with men’s jeans and men’s T-shirts.

Men’s sweat jackets – the sporty look

The origin of the sweat jackets is unmistakably the sport. With the establishment of physical exercise in the mid-19th century in England (hence the name Sweat, German sweating) as a leisure activity and pleasure, the right clothes were needed. Men sweatshirts, sweat jackets and men’s sports pants came up – because at first sport was only allowed for men. And so it lasted for decades. Sweat Wear made of cotton was used for recreational, such as professional sports and displaced only with the emergence of synthetic fiber, at least from the high performance sport. Consume from this image Men’s sweat jackets but today. They become sport, dynamics and activity

But what really characterizes these jackets? What are the differences to sweatshirts? The sporty men’s jackets have invariable characteristics such as:

  • First and foremost the material, the sweat material, which is particularly soft and absorbent
  • a front closure (most zips, rare buttons or toggle closure)
  • a collar shape with a stand-up collar or often with a hood

They even wrote pop history in movies. For example, when Dustin Hoffman jogged through Philadelphia in the late 1970s as a marathon man through Manhattan and New Year’s Eve Stallone as Rocky Balboa in the 1980s.

Sweatjacken – Style away from the sport

But even if they are not constantly jogging through the city, sweat jackets have become an integral part of our wardrobe. Team up with college jackets, leather jackets or blouson jackets for a casual look for men who’ve been part of menswear since the 1980s. Even with a corduroy or tweed jacket and suit, the Sweat Jackets have enjoyed success since the 1990s. Breaking deadlocked looks and contrasting business style with a casual feel.