Thursday , 21 September 2023
How to tie a bow tie

How to tie a bow tie

Adjusting sits where it should, but how is the bow tie? Are you still the gang running on finished tied variants with buckle? Give us a few minutes of your life and we’ll teach you how to tie the perfect bow tie

STEP by STEP how to succeed with the fly

We’ll be honest with you. To tie a fat fly can actually be pretty tricky if one is above and do it for the first time. But as with everything else, practice makes perfect and before you know it you will be Flugkingen. And that extra icing on the cake, you will be able to boast its own knot, nice tie and no pathetic semis. Or, as Oscar Wilde said:

“Learning how to tie a fly really well is the first real step one takes in life.”

  1. Stand in front of the mirror, strike a pose and add the bow tie around his neck. Let the right end be a bit longer than the left.
  2. Turn the right end over the left.
  3. For the right hand through the loop and tighten. Let the other end hang down to the right.
  4. Fold the bottom end in the middle where it is widest.
  5. For the folded part with left hand against her neck.
  6. Bring your right hand while on the other end and put it over the rosettliknande folded part you still agree with the left hand.
  7. Take hold of the hanging part where the widest and most from left to right through the loop formed between the incipient rosette and the noose around his neck.
  8. Tighten the knot by pulling on the left and the right öglans öglans inner outer half half.
  9. Voilà, a piece of magical bow tie tied by none other than yourself! Take a picture and put it up on all the social media you can think of and then on the corner without looking at the answer key.