Scandinavian fashion

Scandinavian fashion

Europe’s high north has long been able to compete with the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris and New York. Scandinavian fashion is in demand as never before and inspires with a functional minimalism for him and her, which is not only incredibly practical, but also seems really casual.

Less is more, this credo seems to have been written by the Scandinavians. But that does not mean that the Nordic style is boring, it is more suitable for everyday use, practical and purist in a modern way. Scandinavian Labels design clothing that you should accompany every day. For this reason, the fashion offers comfort, versatile combination options and contemporary cuts. Straight fits and shapes are characteristic for Scandinavian Fashion brands. The colors are usually kept covered. Black, gray, beige are often used. Bright shades set, used sparingly, small accents.

Realize casual layered looks with Scandinavian fashion

The great variety of combinations is a not to be underestimated strength of the Scandinavian Fashion, Each piece can be practically combined, so you can easily put together an incredibly versatile wardrobe. Wide-cut coats, comfortable pullovers and straight-legged cardigans are a fashion statement for him and her. Asymmetric cuts surprise and make simple clothes something special. They can also be worn in different lengths in the still popular layered look on top of each other.

Trendy combinations with basics of Scandinavian fashion

The functional and simple basics can be worn on almost any occasion and can always be redesigned. Ladies transform the minimalistic look into an up-to-date trend outfit in no time at all with eye-catching statement jewelery and platform shoes. For this purpose, e.g. a boxy blouse and trousers in cigar form. If you wear pumps and blazers, you are perfectly equipped for the office. Elegant jewelry and high heels are made for solemn occasions and can easily turn a simple, timeless Scandinavian dress into a fashionable evening outfit.

For timeless looks, mens wear straight-cut trousers and pullovers, or choose shirts and trousers in the same color. Add a coat in oversize cut and Chelsea boots for a trendy look with an elegant look. With coarse knit cardigan and cord trousers in warm shades, you look casual and close to nature. Discover the many appealing labels of Scandinavian Fashion from Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway and inspire yourself for the new purism.