Wednesday , 20 September 2023
Consistent looks with bandanas

Consistent looks with bandanas

Practical companions in summer, e.g. on outdoor trips or festivals are bandanas. These chic scarves in different patterns and colors keep your hair out of the forehead and absorb moisture in high heat. But also as a rocking fashion accessory, it does a good job.

What is a bandana?

Originally the cloth comes from India, where the term “bandana” stands for “bind”. It is usually about 60 by 60 inches tall and is worn as a headscarf. For this purpose, it is tied, as the name says, at the back of the head. Worn on the neck, tied around the wrist or in the back pocket, it also looks very casual and radiates a rocking look. Both men and women can underline their style with this accessory.

In combination with jeans in a light blue used look and a checked shirt you can realize a cool 90s style, if you like bandana easy to wear in the back pocket. Especially cool looks at men a loose fit jeans. Ladies underline their feminine curves with a slim fit model in the destroyed look. This casual leisure outfit looks consistent on every rock festival.

But also retro looks in the style of the 50s ladies can by a bandana complete. For the Rockabella outfit with high-waist jeans and polka dot blouse it looks in red patterned design as a complement to your look. Rockabilly men wear it to the allover denim outfit around the neck. A turned-over straight-fit jeans, a white shirt and a denim jacket make you look like the new James Dean.

Bandana – practical sports accessory

Above all, outdoor athletes appreciate the functional aspect of the bandana. Who e.g. climbing or running in the summer knows the problem that sweat burns quickly in the eyes. A bandana protects you from it, because it absorbs the moisture and thus ensures visibility even at high temperatures.