Thursday , 28 September 2023
Girls Kids Blouses – Children blouses for girls

Girls Kids Blouses – Children blouses for girls

They combine very well and serve as a basic garment of many different looks for girls: blouses are a great companion for a classic or playful children’s outfit both in everyday life and for special occasions. Together with a cute skirt or a practical pants are girl With blouses in the kindergarten, at school and in their spare time always top styled.

Comfortable and practical – fabrics for kids blouses

Freedom of movement and a comfortable fit is important in addition to the look blouses for children. The characteristic collar and the button placket of classically cut variants can be pulled and pulled. That’s why blouses are for girl mostly made of cotton. Plus point: The easy-care material withstands countless washes unscathed. Perfect for the summer are thin cotton or viscose. In winter, it may be warming cotton flannel or sturdy denim.

Girls blouses for every occasion – from chic to cheeky

Depending on the material, cut and color, the timeless tops of girls unfold their very different effects. White blouses are chic and turn every girl into a little lady. They are therefore great for festive occasions. Striped, checkered and patterned blouses are rather playful and cheeky on children – especially casual jeans.

Very popular are the small details such as colorful buttons, cute bows or ruffles and flounces. Also elaborate embroidery on the blouse make girls’ hearts beat faster.