Wednesday , 20 September 2023


Blue quilted jackets

They are sporty, comfortable and keep you warm – blue quilted jackets are trendy companions for fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen. They are perfectly compatible with the current street fashion and inspire with a great variety of different fits.

This is how gentlemen wear a blue quilted jacket

For men, they are everlasting classics that can be integrated into numerous leisure outfits. Due to the subtle color scheme blue quilted jackets to jeans with light washes as well as black or beige trousers. With colorful sneakers you can give the outfit more pep, with brown leather shoes it looks more classic. Quilted jackets in bright shades of blue are perfect for current trend looks. They harmonize wonderfully with urban outfits and set a successful color accent. A fashionable stand-up collar makes the sporty look perfect.

Warming must-have for ladies

Blue quilted jackets for women usually show with a waisted shape. This makes them look casual and feminine at the same time and can even be combined with a matching blue jersey dress. For really cold winter days, there are extra thick lined models with hood and chic fur collar. In the transitional period, you can turn to ultra-light Quilted jackets with a short fit.

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