Why cotton T-shirts feel so good

Why cotton T-shirts feel so good

They are diverse basics that should not be missing in any wardrobe. Offer with their natural material Cotton T-shirts also a high wearing comfort and an excellent quality. Discover plain models, variants with extravagant motifs or grab a casual all-over print.

Cotton is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and has many positive characteristics. Clothing made from this material is particularly soft, feels comfortable on the skin and provides high breathability. In addition, the material can be colored in any color, giving a huge variety of different designs. However, most shirts are not 100 percent cotton, but are enriched with a small proportion of elastane, so that the tops keep their shape long and also adapt to your body optimally. Even allergic people can Cotton T-shirts usually carry without problems.

A must have for the men’s wardrobe

Gentlemen wear at leisure, for sports and even on special occasions. A plain V-neck T-shirt looks really good under a jacket. For urban street style looks, there are colorful patterned models, for example, with trendy tropical prints and shirts with trendy motif prints on the front. In combination with jeans, sneakers and hoodie, the cotton T-shirts look casual and sporty.

This is how ladies combine a cotton T-shirt over and over again

Even the ladies can choose from a huge range of different models. Waisted cotton T-shirts look great with a feminine skirt or a high-waisted pair of trousers. Lovers of casual looks can opt for oversized variants and contrast them with a pair of tight pants. For a classic navy look Ringle shirts in blue and white are ideal. With a blue blazer and a white capri pants you are so perfectly prepared for the summer.