Friday , 1 September 2023


Bold, original and always up to date: the British label mixes new trends with a great deal of individualism. Instead of copying current trends, the label creates innovative fashion for women who like style breaks and creative luxury. Among them are the stylish glamorous dresses.

Your outfit can be so unique

The clothes of Glamorous are aimed at brave ladies who follow their own fashion rules and are not afraid to break them once. Feminine tenderness meets unconventional styles, casualness meets a touch of seductive elegance. Most of the models are presented in casual maxi, but also in provocative mini versions. Bright colors, Asian or nostalgic patterns and unusual material mixes are just as typical as casual to figure-hugging cuts and subtle, refined details. Each dress looks unique, unadorned and creative. The always luxurious touch remains, which is reflected in every model skilfully.

Glamorous dresses – an eye-catcher for every occasion

Leisure, cocktail or maxi version: Depending on the model, the dresses are perfect for everyday wear, evening dinners or glamorous events. Romantic extravagant allover prints, which are based on the trendy Bohemian chic and especially decorate the casual cut leisure and Maxi dresses from Glamorous, provide plenty of extravagance. In combination with flat sandals, sun hat and chic statement jewelry, they are perfect for hot summer days, but also for the next party. It becomes festive with cocktail dresses, whose cuts emphasize the feminine silhouette. For example, wear a short, figure-hugging glamorous gold-tone dress with sequins – and the classy look is perfect.