Sunday , 24 September 2023
Jersey Blazer

Jersey Blazer

As a comfortable variant of the classic model, the jersey blazer offers the possibility to dress smartly and elegantly also in the spare time. For confident women, who like it timeless and reputable, this garment is just the right solution. But even trendy everyday outfits can be styled so easily. Blazers are also available in a wide variety of jersey styles, so you can choose the one that suits your taste.

From casual to elegant in a jersey blazer

A very hip model is the short blazer, which reveals the look on the waist, allowing a very feminine look. This fits, for example, body-hugging dresses with floral patterns. The jersey blazer with an asymmetrical zipper looks rather extravagant and modern. With a cheeky animal print or a trendy trendy color, it comes out particularly well. He fits tight-fitting skinny jeans and rugged boots. In extra length, the comfortable blazers are ideal for tall women or for ladies who want to hide their hips. Underneath, you can wear a blouse or a T-shirt, depending on what you like better. Incidentally, you can not just combine the extra-long blazer with chic pants.

A blazer made of jersey is also great for boyfriend jeans in combination with a statement shirt. High heels ensure that the look remains feminine overall. If you choose to sneakers or rough boots, the whole thing seems more casual and relaxed.