Saturday , 26 August 2023
Blue cashmere sweater

Blue cashmere sweater

If you like it cuddly and elegant at the same time in the cool season, you will love cashmere sweaters. The noble material is one of the favorites for stylish winter looks! In blue cashmere sweaters also come in a very combo-friendly color.

Blue cashmere sweater – high quality and stylish design

The fantastically soft quality of pullovers with cashmere content is hard to beat. No wonder that the warm tops have prevailed in everyday life as well as in chic business looks. In terms of color, simple blues are classics. From tender pigeon blue for you to the rich navy for him, the cool color is perfect for combining on different occasions.

This is how gentlemen wear a blue cashmere sweater

In the men’s area belongs the soft pullover to the real all-rounders. Wear the blue cashmere sweater casual with casual jeans, with padded boots and matching accessories. If you do not want to do without the warm sweater in your office, combine it with anthracite-colored trousers and a matching long-sleeved shirt.

Cuddly trend part for ladies

Even ladies can easily incorporate a blue cashmere sweater into a variety of outfits. A dark blue model looks strong and somewhat mysterious – perfect for a sensual and elegant look made of slim jeans and feminine boots. In fresh sky blue you underline your tender side. Tip: blue and white are a real dream team and stand for noble purism.