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Boyfriend Jeans for Women – casual and elegant with accessories combine

Boyfriend Jeans for Women – casual and elegant with accessories combine

Boyfriend jeans

It looks like it steals from the partner’s wardrobe: the boyfriend jeans. The pants made of denim inspired by their loose, comfortable fit and numerous combinations of casual and elegant.

Women like to borrow individual clothes from their friend’s closet. It was this passion that gave birth to a trend in 2009 when Katie Holmes was photographed on the street wearing jeans worn by her husband Tom Cruise. Designers and brands took up this idea and created a special trousers for women that seems too big, but still fits perfectly. The boyfriend jeans was born. In addition to the pants that look like they’ve been borrowed from your partner’s wardrobe, popular brands offer other boyfriend-style garments, such as blazers and shirts that also feature a loose fit. In order to create a feminine leisure look, it is advisable to style the look around a loosely fitting part.

Boyfriend pants: loose jeans for women

Characteristic of the boyfriend jeans is her deep-seated crotch as well as the wide cut on her thighs and buttocks. From the waistband to the ankles, these pants have a loose fit. This makes it comfortable to wear. Although the waistband sits low on the hip, but since Boyfriend jeans are based on female clothing sizes, they do not slip, even if they are worn without a belt. When buying so you orientate yourself to your usual dress size. Like other denim garments, you will get the boyfriend jeans in different washings and styles. A classic is the 5-pocket style. From elegant raw denim to casual used or destroyed looks, renowned brands offer a wide variety of designs. It does not always have to be the classic blue jeans. How about a boyfriend jeans in black? In combination with a white shirt and white sneakers and a cool cap creates a comfortable street style in the blink of an eye. Somewhat fancier, however, are white boyfriend jeans. These, for example, complement a casual holiday look perfectly: just wear a striped shirt and espadrilles to make the summer style perfect.

Boyfriend jeans casual and elegant with accessories combine

The jeans can be combined and styled in many ways. Important are the shoes and accessories: The boyfriend look looks casual with flat shoes like sneakers, ballerinas or Chelsea boots. Due to the wide shape of the pants, pumps also prove to be an ideal combination partner. They stretch the leg visually and give the boyish outfit a feminine touch. In summer, wear sandals with a mighty wedge or block heel. Chic necklaces, earrings and bracelets also add a stylish contrast to the casual, masculine shape of the pants. A great shopper for a stroll through the city or an elegant clutch to go out and round off the outfit with boyfriend jeans.