Friday , 22 September 2023
Summer Suits

Summer Suits

Even on warm days you can sometimes do without the classic suit. If the dress code requires it, for example in the office or on special occasions, you can resort to a summer suit. This is light, thin and best breathable. Designs made of materials such as cotton or linen are therefore ideal for the hot months.

Summer suits made of linen? These are the advantages

Natural materials that reliably transport moisture to the outside have proven themselves in the summer. Linen suits feel cool on the skin and make sure you do not sweat too quickly. Timeless colors such as beige or gray make it a suitable companion for office life. You wear thin leather shoes and a light silk shirt. For special occasions, there are of course variants in dark colors. For example, dark blue is perfect for a wedding reception.

Cotton models for a fashionable appearance

As an alternative to the linen suit, suits made of cotton are an option for the summer. The material is particularly skin-friendly and offers good breathability. For casual leisure looks, there are trend-setting models in soft pastel colors. They are perfect, for example, for the summer cocktail party. Light linen sneakers and a bright white shirt complete the look. The white version is also currently very much in vogue. Fashionable men can create a hip all-in-white look with this summer suit.