Blouse Dress 2019

Blouse Dress 2019

Shirt blouse dresses are the harmonious symbiosis from the typical male garment of men’s fashion and the typical textile of women’s fashion, the clothesn. Because unlike other classic dress cuts such as cocktail dresses or evening dresses, the shirt-like dresses both Elements of women’s, as well as the men’s fashion on. But contrary to the obvious assumption that this was a modern invention of a designer, blouse dresses were already a trend more than two thousand years ago.

Shirt blouse dresses – a fashion story

The shirt dress or Chemisierkleid, after the French words Chemise for shirt, was in the broadest sense already worn in ancient Egypt, At that time they were even more tunics, but unlike other ksufferinglike cuts already intended primarily for women. That was a special feature back then. Clothes, or tunics and robes, were worn by both sexes until the 14th century. Only from then on found a clear fashionable gender segregation in dresses. A famous version of modern blouse dresses existed around 1800. The then Chemisierkleider had to be very light, airy and white after the beauty ideals.

Shirt blouse dresses today

Today’s shirt-blouse dresses have little in common with its predecessors. Your material does not have to be paper-thin and your cut does not have to be floor-length. Together with the men’s shirt they have developed and gained or lost individual elements. The Today’s characteristics are clearly defined, especially since the 1970s, These include:

  • the button placket on the front of the dress
  • the sleeves
  • the turned collar, which can have different shapes like a men’s shirt.

In addition, the blouse dress around the waist can be provided with a belt. Especially in the 70s, this style of chic shirt blouse dresses found its heyday. Since then, they have become an integral part of women’s fashion and are indispensable.

Trendy colors and patterns for shirt blouse dresses

Like other dresses, the shirt dress convinces with different patterns and in all imaginable colors. On Blouse dress in white reminds for example of a very classic men’s shirt and is therefore particularly well for formal occasions or as an office outfit, It can easily be combined with a blazer and pumps. With a denim jacket and sneaker, you play consciously with the break in style and are so absolutely trendy. In your spare time you can, for example, wear shirt dresses in red, yellow or other bold colors.

Do you like yours Striped blouse dress, fashion everything right. This variant is one of the classics and sprayed therefore often a certain Retro charm, Particularly popular are blue and white striped dresses, reminiscent of the style of the 50s. They are especially good for relaxed leisure looks, You are also in the trend, if you become one checkered shirt dress to grab. Especially chemise dresses with tartan diamonds recall Grunge and punk fashion, With stylish boots and leather jacket, you can create a rocking look in an instant. A shirt dress with floral patterns, however, stands for a feminine, spring-like style.

Which section of the blouse dress?

In women’s shirts, every woman finds a cut that stands and pleases her. So you can grab short dresses that remind of cocktail dresses or sheath dresses. Or you decide for one Maxi-dress, so a long shirt dress, with its straight cut casual and relaxed, Combine it with sneakers or sandals for a completely casual summer look. While you are too light in summer Short-sleeved shirt blouse dresses or can directly access the sleeveless variant, there are also numerous for the winter Blouse dresses with long sleeves to disposal. You can also easily find the dress that suits you!