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The freestyle business suits

The freestyle business suits

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Business suits are the working clothes of the modern man. They are independent of trends in menswear and a constant of the male wardrobe. Their cut, fit, style and image are clearly defined over decades. They are the blue and dungarees for the office and the business floors. And yet there are subtle differences between them that you should know in the business world. How should you sit? Which one do I wear best? What do I combine with this? All important questions about the Business suit mens find the answers here.

1×1 of men’s suits in business life

In business mode are Business suits like a business card. They unconsciously symbolize our inner attitude and which job we hold or even like to occupy. Because even the classic business world has a dress code that is as strict as the evening wear. And that plays according to its own rules, order, power, influence and also the age of the wearer. Here are the most important facts:

the higher the hierarchy, the darker the business suit the higher the position, the larger the design (eg needles or chalk strips only from management) the younger the wearer, the brighter the materialThree-firsts are primarily upscale positionsThe colors of a suit: Dark blue , Gray, dark blue and black sidn accepted, in summer but also like shades of brown

These are the first principles that are followed by other style rules, which are complementary pieces of clothing Business suits rotate. These include, for example, that the design and the color of the tie should be kept discreet. Handkerchiefs complete the tie but are never made of the same material. The safest way to do it is to fall back on a white handkerchief. Also on the safe side one goes at one Business suit when you put on white men’s shirts. Although light blue, white collar shirts and pale pink shirts are an alternative, they are immediately accompanied by a fashionable component that can easily be too conspicuous for classic business fashion.

Consider business suits as a fashionable figurehead. They present themselves and their inner attitude to the outside. Do you wear a cotton suit with vest or without or a new wool suit? He sits particularly body-conscious or loose as a sack. It sends signals to your business and the environment. Therefore, pay particular attention to the correct fit of your Business suits,

Business suits and their fit

Suit jackets should sit exactly on the shoulders, the lapel with the button closed minimally stand out from the chest and always be one to one and a half inches shirt on the collar as seen on the sleeves. If in doubt, the jacket should rather sit a track closer to the body than too far. Dress trousers are ideal when you are not standing or sitting, cramping your crotch or thighs. But here too, the rule is: a little too narrow, rather than too far. If the trousers touch the shaft of the men’s shoes while standing, the length of the trousers is also optimal.