Wednesday , 30 August 2023
Blazers from Drykorn

Blazers from Drykorn

The chic models of the brand combine simple elegance with current trends and offer a high level of comfort. The Drykorn sports jackets are the perfect combination partners and fit well in fine evening outfits or for serious business wear. But also for leisure, the label offers a range of casual models that can be worn very casual.

Extravagance and nonchalance in the leisure and evening outfit

The style of Drykorn sports jackets is very timeless. The individual look of the label flares up again and again. For example, the brand offers extravagant, shiny-metallic models that will definitely make a splash in your favorite club or at the next cocktail party. Such an it-piece also enhances a simple pair of black trousers and matching leather shoes in an instant. Also very daring, but clearly more casual is the stylish denim jacket by Drykorn in used look. You can easily wear it in your free time and combine it with, for example, a flannel shirt and iconic chucks. Rocky guys can look forward to casual leather variants. Lace-up boots and jeans in a used look complete the outfit. It is also comfortable with the leisure models made of soft wool or pleasant knitwear.

Perfectly styled with the drykorn jackets in the daily job routine

For everyday working life, the label offers a range of classic jackets, which show in typical waisted shapes and muted colors. These models are a perfect match for creased trousers and chic leather shoes. A white shirt and a tie make the serious look perfect. If you want a little extravagance in your job, you can resort to discreetly patterned variants. Checks or dots adorn the chic Drykorn jackets and create a successful eye-catcher in your outfit.