Men’s Polo Shirts

Men’s Polo Shirts

Sporty, airy and yet suitable for the office – men Polo Shirts move between the worlds of leisure and business fashion. For a casual business or an elegant casual look Polo Shirts the best alternative to business shirts and mens t-shirts. Hardly a classic of men’s fashion, which has such a supporting role and can come up with so much history. Convince yourself now of the fashion classic and discover the mens polo shirts of fashion brands such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Boss Black, Polo Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry.

Polo Shirts – from Lacoste to Polo Ralph Lauren

The invention of the polo shirts goes back to the French tennis player René Lacoste. He developed the men’s shirt to have more freedom of movement in sports. The famous crocodile, which is emblazoned on the chest of the polo since then, is a reference to Lacoste’s nickname “The Crocodile”. By his own account, he owes this to his fighting spirit and his ferocity in almost lost games. Like the well-known logo, the distinguishing features of the shirts have hardly changed until today – even if there are certainly fashionable adaptations. Even today, the men’s polo shirts are characterized by the following things:

  • classically from a jersey pique fabric
  • a short button placket and a turn-down collar, based on the classic men’s shirt
  • Classically, in white (because of tennis origin) kept, but today they are available in all colors

Since 1933, the brand of the tennis player stands for high-quality polo shirts and a casual-elegant style. But other fashion brands have meanwhile made a name for themselves. Including the American counterpart, Polo Ralph Lauren.

The brand with the polo player on the chest embodies the fate of the American East Coast. Chinos, blouson jackets and even men’s polo shirts are the must-haves of the label, which became the authentic symbol of the preppy lifestyle like hardly any other fashion brand. Today, it is among other brands such as the classic Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Ben Sherman and Fred Perry, but also Boss Black one of the established manufacturers of high-quality men Polo Shirts,