Friday , 1 September 2023
DRESSES IN SIZE 40 suitable for everyday use

DRESSES IN SIZE 40 suitable for everyday use

These feminine garments are available in a variety of cuts, so that the right dress for every type of figure size 40 is there. With great designs and ingenious fits, you can highlight your preferences and skillfully conceal your problem areas.

Become an eye-catcher with an elegant dress

Long evening dresses and cocktail dresses in size 40 delight with flowing fabrics and elegant colors, such as champagne, rosé or taupe. A slim waist is skillfully put on stage with a fitted model. A big breast gets attention through a deep cut. A small belly, on the other hand, can be covered up with a sophisticated Empire cut. If you have broad upper arms, you can grab dresses with transparent or lace-edged sleeves.

Style clothes in size 40 suitable for everyday use

Also for the free time there are lots of great clothes to discover. What do you think, for example, of a knit dress in A-line cut? With boots and parka manages a cool autumn look. With a blazer and ankle boots, a size 40 dress will be suitable for the office. Sportier it is with Jersey models. They are usually a bit more airy cut. Here a drawstring is recommended, so that the dress can be tailored to your individual character.