Wednesday , 23 August 2023
Jeans in size 44

Jeans in size 44

Curvy women who love casual looks will find a huge selection of trendy ones here Jeans in size 44, Striking washes and sophisticated cuts expertly stage your body and hide small problem areas, so you can feel completely comfortable in your skin.

Casual style jeans in size 44

For feminine looks are body-conscious Jeans in size 44 perfect. If you choose a model whose lower leg is straight cut, your body will be visually stretched. For example, straight-cut jeans or boot-cut jeans are possible. You can wear a chic blouse and a pair of high heels. For casual street looks, however, are wide-cut models with decorative washes in question. These trousers harmonize perfectly with colorful sneakers, print shirts and denim jackets.

Create festive or reputable outfits

Jeans in size 44 can also be really elegant. The best proof is black or dark blue models with a classic shape. You can also wear it in the office with a blazer and a blouse. In combination with a chic waterfall top and a pair of pumps creates a chic evening look. Real retro charm comes with size 44 flared pants. Even jeans with a high waistband are real vintage classics. They conjure a gorgeous feminine look and also make a little belly disappear.