Tuesday , 5 September 2023


Inspired by the road, it shows Bench Fashion authentic and always close to the pulse of the times. It’s the dynamic late ’80s into which the British label is born. The BMX and the skateboard scene shape the life of the Manchester scene.

Casual cuts, urban designs and the distinctive Bold logotype characterize Bench’s creations. Influences from pop culture are also mixed into the designs, thus contributing to the success of down-to-earth yet innovative streetwear: Started with print shirts in eye-catching skate style Bench active today with a large number of collections worldwide.

Thanks to them, the Manchester-based label has made the breakthrough on the market: the Bench fleece jacket “Funnelneck” with extra high stand-up collar has its firm place in the constantly growing assortment. Also typical are the thumb holes on many of the bench jackets and bench sweatshirts. Here the roots of the sporty inspired brand can still be felt most clearly. In addition to high wearing comfort through skin-friendly materials and relaxed cuts are functional details in the focus of the production. With generous kangaroo pockets, individually adjustable hoods and cuffs made of elastic rib knitwear, Bench Hoodies and Co. are reliable fashion partners that are both functional and trend-setting.

Of course, there will also be the first of the first, the skater shirts born in the 80s. Large-format front prints with motifs inspired by music and sports are just as much part of it as color-intensive logo games.

Functionality and a sporty character can also be found outside of Bench’s pure fashion collections: shoes, flip-flops and boots in tried-and-tested design are perfectly integrated into the collections and offer active people the perfect complement to modern street style. Fashionable support can be found in the well-known accessories of the Manchester label such as robust shoulder bags or hats in knit look. The typical authenticity is also in the center of attention in the creative process of the trendy companion: casual style and comfortable materials ensure longevity and optimum fit of the bench fashion.