Monday , 4 September 2023
Jeans in size 164

Jeans in size 164

The jeans size 164 belongs to the slightly larger children’s sizes and is therefore particularly well suited for teenagers who do not fit into the regular ladies and men sizes. In order to meet the high standards of the adolescents, these jeans correspond naturally to the current trends and inspire with fashionable washings and trendy fit.

Fashionable jeans in size 164 for girls

For fashion-savvy girls, for example, there are skinny jeans in size 164, The tight-fitting models are in line with the trend and are particularly suitable for oversized shirts that are cut far too wide. Girls who like to dress casually and sportily, however, can grab straight-cut jeans and combine them with a casual hoodie.

A pair of boys trousers for countless combinations

Also for the guys there are loads of fashionable jeans. Especially the cool ablutions immediately catch the eye. Currently, for example, the used look is very popular. These trousers are a great match for colorful print shirts, but they can also be easily combined into a white basic shirt. For a more classic look, dark blue or black Jeans in size 164 optimal. They can also be worn for the next family party with a chic shirt.