Pocket squares in all variations

Pocket squares in all variations

You want to give your suit a special eye-catcher? Then a handkerchief is the ideal solution. This traditional men’s accessory has kept its relevance to this day and has inspired with fresh colors and appealing patterns.

The cloth was already in fashion in the 1830s and has since become a true classic. At that time it was still combined with riding clothes, today it is worn on solemn occasions. Even in the business environment you can see the handkerchief frequently. Wherever there is a certain dress code and gentlemen usually only have the choice between different-colored suits, the shawls are a good option for more individuality.

The eye-catcher to the men’s suit

Handkerchiefs give simple suits that certain something. A wide selection of bright colors, trendy patterns and materials makes it possible. Often the cloths are also sold in the matching set with the tie, so that both are perfectly matched. Very noble look models of silk or pure cotton. But there are also casual variants that consist of linen.

Pocket squares convince in classic colors, such as beige, dark blue or black, but are also available in many trendy colors. For example, models in purple or red are popular. If that’s not enough, you can choose from patterned variants: dots, checks, stripes – everything is allowed! Pocket squares are particularly sophisticated, with front and back in different colors or patterns. Because so the cloth can be sent to wear various suits. In addition, it can be folded so that creates a great contrast through the different colors. Incidentally, models in true premium quality are provided with a decorative hand stitching edge.