Saturday , 2 September 2023
How to wear riding boots

How to wear riding boots

Riding boots are a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Play with different looks to find the style that suits you. Here are some ideas.

Pants in boots: Select a pair of skinny jeans that wrap your legs well so that they do not create bulges in your boots.

Think of color and wash. Traditional denim work well with riding boots, but you can also choose black and gray, for a more appreciated and mature look. You can also choose white skinny. Nowadays, jeans of all types and colors. Wipe with a magenta or light orange color.

Add a rider to use the appearance to pay homage to the origins of these boots. Wearing a pair of white or cream colored skinny jeans and black boots. Select a shape and tight fitting sweater with clean lines. You can take a classic white, what is important is that the silhouette is clean. Add a custom black or Navy for a more traditional look, or try a light color.

For a casual look, combine the boots with a plain shirt and your regular accessories. Select boots and skinny jeans of any color and style. Be sure to coordinate the colors with the blouse. Almost all shirts are good, but better to choose a soft. You can also choose an Empire-stils or add a belt around a blus to give definition. A voluminous shirt creates a nice contrast with the skinny jeans.

Covered by jeans and wide trousers: Put flared jeans, also called bootcuts, because you can put on the boots of all heights and styles, including horseback riding.