Thursday , 14 September 2023
Sexy and elegant: the maxi skirt

Sexy and elegant: the maxi skirt

The maxiskirt makes the mini and midi variants maximum competition. The long model is suitable for elegant looks as well as for creative fashion experiments and always looks feminine.

After the miniskirt was celebrated long enough for its revolutionary potential, is now the maxiskirt back. Anyone who believes that he can not be as seductive and feminine as his little brother is wrong. Long leg slits, transparent pleats or fabrics with a high stretch content provide sex appeal, After all, it is no secret that hidden body parts stimulate the imagination. With a long skirt Emphasize your feminine side in a stylish way, Above all, the floor-length variations made of light, beautifully draping fabrics caress the body and give it a feminine silhouette. The extensive offer contains casual, minimalist or elegant maxi skirts for almost every occasion.

Maxi skirts: These materials are ideal

While leather and jeans are the perfect material for the miniskirt, the maxi skirt is especially suitable easy-flowing, fine fabrics, These substances swing when running, play around the legs and thus provide for a high comfort factor, In summer, maxi skirts made of silk, silk blends or high-quality viscose, for example, are optimal. Also chiffon and cotton with fine structure give the models momentum. A somewhat idiosyncratic interpretation of the long skirt is the wool skirt, the equally casual and chic acts. But no matter what material – the large surface of the floor and ankle-length variants Effectively brings out colors and patterns, Especially for women with a preference for stripes, checks, floral designs or baroque ornaments, the maxi skirt offers maximum flexibility.

The maxi skirt and its favorite combination partner

The maxi skirt is in no way inferior to the mini or trousers when it comes to cooperation. On the contrary – the extensive offer allows versatile looks, who it minimalist and elegant likes, for example, relies on one Simple, soft falling maxi skirt in black or gray and combine it with a tailored blouse and pumps – creating a stylish business chic. In the evening, the same skirt with a same-colored top and a statement necklace is ausgeaugauglich. Sandals and a waisted denim waistcoat plus glass pearl chains lend him one Touch of boho-chic, A colorful maxi skirt in pink, red or with a mille-fleur pattern shows the strongest effect in combination with tops that are restrained in terms of color and design. A transparent maxi skirt with pleats is one with a chiffon top refined alternative to evening dress, Worn with a leather top or leather jacket, he gets a whole new face.