Monday , 25 September 2023
Black jeans for extravagant outfits

Black jeans for extravagant outfits

Jeans in different colors are practical basicsthat widen your wardrobe sensibly. In classic black they are timeless and offer excellent styling possibilities, They come in different nuances – from matt deep black to shiny anthracite.

A tight black skinny jeans is ideal for current trend outfits and can for example with a biker jacket and modern boots, preferably with rivets, to a rocking look be compiled. On the other hand, together with an oversized shirt and colorful sneakers, a great urban look An eye-catcher are black jeans also in the trendy used look, Holes and signs of wear give these pants that certain something. With a flannel shirt, beanie and chucks you can get one modern grunge look shape.

Anything but sad: black jeans

Bootcut jeans in black are true all-round talents. They can be used wonderfully in everyday life, but can also be worn with a blouse or a shirt and a blazer style office suitable, If you want to relax your casual look, grab black jeans. You can do this Combine particularly well with bright colorsn, Black, matte jeans with a light wash look a bit more dignified and can be combined well, for example, with ankle boots and wide knit sweaters. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, are a perfect match for blouses and oversize shirts in pastel colors like a delicate blue or mint green. Choose a light shirt in this color and wear shoes to slip in, you will come up with this subtle spring look,