Thursday , 28 September 2023
Fitted Suits – Elegant business fashion for a successful appearance

Fitted Suits – Elegant business fashion for a successful appearance

Waisted suits

They are currently the non-plus ultra of business fashion: the modern man of today is again figure-hugging in a tailored suit. However, that does not mean that only skintight models are available. On the contrary, fitted suits is available in a variety of fits. From the trendy slim fit suit to the wide comfort fit, there are countless models to discover.

Elegant business fashion for a successful appearance

These suits conjure up a sleek youthful silhouette, make the shoulders look wider, and are available in so many different colors and patterns that the right model is available for every type of man. With these models, you will come through the professional routine in style. Also on special occasions you can show yourself in a tailored suit.

How to find the right jacket for a tailored suit

A jacket can be one or two rows. The classic model is single row and has two buttons. The waisted Variant is actually all men. But only the top button is closed. As a result, the jacket is still quite loose and comfortable despite the sidecut. Most models have two to four hip pockets and a breast pocket. You can wear a suit suit of your choice. Narrow, straight-cut trousers look great on a tailored jacket. If you still want freedom of movement, then just grab a model with pleats. They make sure that you always sit comfortably.